Finding a Unique Brand Positioning in Spirits

Making impact in a fast growing category by thinking and acting differently.


Finding a unique brand position in a market that was led by super premium offers

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Espolòn Tequila had everything it needed, a great product and wonderful packaging, but it wasn’t connecting, so we did a deep dive into the culture, and the brand. We curated cultural Safaris to bring a new found energy & relevance to the brand which took multiple forms:

  • A deep dive into our network of cultural collaborators to source new stories of courage and creativity from those living & breathing it
  • Coast to coast cultural safaris that enriched our creative thinking by talking to consumers both old & new, delving into their experiences & their interests to unearth a wider world of inspiration

The Espolòn brand became driven by a mantra of “Let’s Stir Things Up,” anchored by the label artwork, inspired by the pioneering Mexican printmaker Jose Guadalupe Posada.

Courageous Creativity became our vision that would guide all our efforts to create “art,” not ads. We created a brand world that challenged consumers to see things in a different light, and championed their need to leave their mark on the world.


  • 4 week Safari program
  • 2 innovation sprints
  • 1 brand comms platform - 'Courageous Creativity'


  • From 30k cases to 500k cases sold in under five years
  • Fastest growing tequila in the market at the time