Expanding the Audience for a Leading Ready-to-Drink Brand

Winning in the west through culture connections


A leading ready-to-drink brand on the east coast of the US had a cult-like following in culture, but it needed insights to expand its audience and win in the west.

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First, we went on Safari to key cities in the west to map the competitive landscape across on-premise and off-premise outlets. We then held consumer immersion dinners in each city to understand their future consumers' values, behaviors, and attitudes.

This 4-week program laid the foundations for successful brand expansion and penetration in their strategic must-win cities.


  • Future Consumer Personas
  • Custom Insights Report
  • Local Marketing Opportunities


Accelerated brand growth ahead of plan

“ After sitting with the people we met at Top Golf, it's clear why doing the same things we've always done in the east won't work here. The market is very different, and you helped us connect the dots to become more relevant while staying true to the brand. ”

Head of Brand