Creating the Future of Wellbeing Products

Pivoting a global FTSE 100 company into Pleasure & Wellbeing


Our client, operating in a declining sector, was looking to expand into new categories for sustainable business growth. Our task was to define the 'North star' destination and create the strategy and future portfolio innovation pipeline.

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We started by taking a cross-functional team of science, technology, R&D, and insights partners on a virtual innovation safari to discover emerging signals in attractive adjacent categories. Together, we shaped a capabilities analysis to outline potential onramps for where to play.

Our cultural strategists, futurist, and designers synthesized the safari learnings into a compelling future view of pleasure & wellbeing, creating a North Star strategy for where to play credibly.

Finally, we activated the strategy through cross-functional innovation sprints, ultimately resulting in a robust product pipeline, four innovation opportunity spaces, and eight consumer-validated propositions with significantly high interest and appeal.


  • Database of 300+ emerging pleasure and wellbeing innovators
  • Defined North Star strategy
  • Created four validated innovation opportunity spaces
  • Generated the five-year product pipeline


  • Shaped management board-level corporate strategy
  • Detailed product roadmaps to leverage existing capabilities and build new capabilities
  • Informed M&A strategy

“ You’re inspiring us to transform our portfolio with sharp foresight and an engaging innovation approach – we couldn’t do this without you. ”

Global Head of SP&I