Bringing New Life to a Heritage Category

Crafting a new way to stay spiritually rooted whilst stimulating the mind, body, and spirit.


To create a new tea brand that re-connected with tradition, in a category built on it.

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Seeing a new resurgence in the tea category, we felt there was space to create a brand that focused on the true heritage of the category.

Though our vast network of cultural contributors, we were able to partner with the artist and tea yogi Brandon Sadler, to reimagine Pu-erh tea, a tea that got its start thousands of years ago in the Yunnan Province of China.

We tapped into Brandon's experience and network of tea enthusiasts to co-create a new brand called, Black Orchid Tea, a tea that was based in tradition but not held back by it. Black Orchid creates new moments of mindful meditation and social connection, with the hope to stimulate the curious conversations that will inspire us to dream of the futures we want to make present in every cup.


  • A limited run of tea and products steeped in rituals of mindful meditation and social connection
  • Learn more about Brandon's tea ritual below or purchase Black Orchid here


Initial launch has been positive but production halted due to unforeseen supplier issues during the pandemic