‘All Power to All People’ by Hank Willis Thomas

The Mighty Shed’s Cult Division partnered with community arts organization, Kindred Arts to kick off the national tour of the new-era monument, All Power to All People, by Hank Willis Thomas, with a socially-distant celebration in Atlanta.

At approximately 25 feet high, All Power to All People stands as a symbol of community, strength, perseverance, comradeship, equal justice & belonging. Conceived by conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas, it is a larger than life steel sculpture of the iconic Afro Pick.

In these times, we need symbols that inspire hope about what our tomorrow can be. We at Cult Division, believe this installation reflects the true diversity of America while acting as a beacon for change and a catalyst for conversation.

Cult Division’s Creative Director, Chris Williams, said, “Sometimes an idea or opportunity strikes a chord, and you feel compelled to do what you can to push the message forward and spread the word.”

The opportunity to celebrate All Power to All People as a vision of what future monuments of America’s diverse culture could look like was no questions asked, absolute no brainer for the team. We believe in the inclusion and advancement of people of color in all creative fields and projects like this matter, no matter the return.

We also believe the work needs to be done, and it needs to be done by the right people. Our team in the Atlanta office, located in a historical neighborhood once home to the civil rights movement, has spent the past 4 years working closely to build relationships with key community leaders the perfect partners to support this project.

Through virtual panels and on-site (distanced) programming, we engaged with Atlanta’s civic organizations, social entrepreneurs, and artists to shine a light on local efforts that are making waves to impact a larger global cause.

Kindred Arts is bringing this iconic installation to cities across the country to stimulate and inspire community conversation and change.

Follow along on Instagram @allpower20 as the tour makes way to its final destination in Washington, D.C.!